Economic SMS Services)

Available SMS :

DND Open Transactional SMS @ 11.5 paise +Tax (Payment Link - http://imojo.in/88bej6)

Promotional sender ID SMS @ 10.5 paise +Tax (Payment Link - http://imojo.in/gc1syc)

PromTrans SMS @ 13.5 paise +Tax (Payment Link - http://imojo.in/d0dod2)

If you are using our Promotional Sender ID route, Please do not send following type of SMS .

01.    Astrology
02.    Cross connection
03.    Massage & Spa
04.    Sim portability
05.    Share market
06.    Property
07.    Anti social & vulgar SMS.
08.    Lottery SMS
09.    Mobile Number Availability
10.    Real estate
11.    Gym
12.    Political
13.    Election Campaign

Note 1 :- If the given kind of SMS rejected by provider then we will not refund those sms .

Note 2:- you can not not send promotional sms from transactional route , If you will do promotional activity from Transactional route it will get reject and sms not refundable .

(SMS will deliver if sender ID is approved)

Contact person name  
Login ID  
EMail ID  
Mobile Number  
Company name of sender ID  
Required 6 digit Sender ID  
Purpose of Sender ID requirement  
Nature of content  
Type of required SMS  
Kindly provide Sample content(s) of SMS likely to be sent
Sample -1
Sample -2


Contact person name   Your name
Address   Your postal address
Login ID   Your login ID at http://login.economicsms.com
EMail ID   Your EMail ID
Mobile Number   Your mobile number
Company name of sender ID   Your Company or Organisation Name
Required 6 digit Sender ID   6 Characters ID (Alphabets only)
Purpose of Sender ID requirement   for Registration / Reminder / Intimation /   Promotion
Nature of content   Business / School / College / NGO / Political / Personal / Real Estatae
Type of required SMS   Select any one from list
Kindly provide Sample content(s) of SMS likely to be sent
Sample -2 Dear xxxxx, Kindly pay Rs xxxx against Bill no xxxxx dated xxxxx at the earliest

Please provide us sample content also.

Note:- Name of person and name of God will not be allowed for the Sender ID approval.

You should remember when you use sender id in transactional route, you should use sender id of :

1 - 6 characters only not more then 6 not less then 6. (ANKITF, QWERTY,WSXEDC etc)
2 - use only characters not any number (1234567890) and special characters (!@#$%%^^&)

QAZWSX, WERSDF, ERTEDC, RTGFVB - yes this is right
QAZWS1, QAZWE#, WER#$2, - No, this is not right

Unethical and abusive content will not deliver.


EconomicSMS: Terms & Conditions

1) Payment Condition:

- EconomicSMS only works on a prepaid basis and we request you not to force us to deal in credits.

- In case of delay in payment, the services may be stopped by accounts department.

2) Support:

- If you face any issue in our server or services, you are supposed to directly contact us so any issue can only be solved at the earliest.

Support : 9680101444
Support Email Address :- support@economicsms.com

3) Data from our server is been removed every month so you are supposed to save it on your own, as if the data is deleted from our server, it cannot be recovered.

4) If you perform any promotional activity from transactional route then the SMS will be rejected and the amount will not be refunded.

5) In approve Sender Id tab you are supposed to add up the list of all approved Sender Id’s which are approved by us.

6) Every API, when changed or developed, will be charged accordingly.

7) Sender ID approval takes 8 working hours for transactional route and 24 working route for promotional, pormotional Sender ID DND and promoitonal Sender ID NON-DND. We try to make it as soon as possible.